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Journal "Oukan (Transdisiciplinary Federation of Science and Technology)" has been issued twice a year since April 2007. Open access is available at
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 Conferences and Symposia

Since 2005, the Oukan conferences have been held biennially and the Oukan comprehensive symposia have been held biennially since 2006.
-   The 7th Oukan conferences
November 18-20, 2016 (Keio University, Yokohama)
-   The 6th Oukan conferences
December 5-6, 2015 (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya)
-   The 5th Oukan conferences
December 21-23 2013 (Kagawa University, Takamatsu)
-   The 4th Oukan conferences
November 28-29, 2011 (Ishikawa High-Tech ExchangeCenter, Nomi)
-   The 3rd Oukan conferences
December 3-5, 2009 (Tohoku University, Sendai)
-   The 2nd Oukan conferences
November 29-30, 2007 (Kyoto University, Kyoto)
-   The 1st Oukan conferences
November 25-26, 2005 (JA Naganoken Building, Nagano)

  Research Committees

Research committees are chartered among the member academic societies on transdisciplinarity topics such as product development, design process engineering, and transdisciplinary professional development. Since 2010, problem oriented research committees have been solicited to intensify transdisciplinarity.
Recent and current committees include:
-   Interfaces of medicine (2009-2011) Chair: Fumito Tsuchiya (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
-   Artificial society (2009-2011) Chair: Setsuya Kurahashi (University of Tsukuba)
-   Advanced management by knowledge integration (2010-2011) Chair: Masayuki Matsui (The University of Electro-Communications)
-   Integration of systems engineering and knowledge management (2010-2012) Chair: Yoshiteru Nakamori (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
-   Education of transdiscipinary human resources (2010-2013) Chair: Satoshi Honda (Keio University)
-   Problem oriented WG1: Collaboration among agriculture, manufacturing, and health care (2010- ) Chair: Hiroaki Itakura (Kagawa University)
-   Problem oriented WG2: Metrics toward sustainable society (2010- ) Chair: Toshihiko Masui (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
-   Problem oriented WG3: Advanced management for big disaster (2010- ) Chair: Masatoshi Mori (Chiba Institute of Technology)

 Policy Proposals and Commissioned Research Projects

Policy Proposals and Declarations
-  Policy proposal for the 3rd Basic Plans for Research and Development, Japan (2005)
-  Nagano kototsukuri declaration (2005) (kototsukuri: inventing functions with simultaneous development of goods and services)
-  Kyoto declaration "Innovation through Kototsukuri"
-  Policy Proposal for the 4th Basic Plans for Research and Development, Japan (2009)
-  Public statement on recovery from the Tohoku disaster and rebuild resilient infrastructure (2011)

Commissioned Research Projects
-   "The role and promotion of transdisciplinary science and technology" for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) (2003-2004)
-   "The knowledge fusion on innovation strategy" for the Cabinet Office (2006)
-   "Development of roadmap for transdisciplinary academic societies" for the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry (METI) (2007)
-   "Academic roadmap for transdisiciplinary science and technology" for the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry (METI) (2007)
-   "Research on social simulation models for revitalizing local cities" for Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (2010)

  Collaboration with Industry

The Transdisciplinary Science and Technology Initiative is chartered for encouraging industries to practice and promote transdisciplinary science and technology. Discussion meeting, named as Transdisciplinary Technology Forum, has been held jointly hosted by the Transdisciplinary Science and Technology Initiative (about six times a year). Solution projects initiated by industries are solicited as joint efforts.


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