Welcome to Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology (TraFST)

 President Message

Genshiro Kitagawa

  Succeeding the former president, Hisatoshi Suzuki, I became the fifth president of the Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology (abbreviated as traFST).
  TraFST was established by gathering about 40 academic societies in order to clarify the importance of transdisciplinary science and technology and to promote them in the current situation that conventional science and technology and academic societies have been exceedingly specialized and segmented. Through 15 years of activities since its establishment, traFST has produced new philosophies and directions leading to today's science and technology. I think that the role of traFST is becoming increasingly important due to the recent emergence of data science and modern AI and shift to a data-driven society.

  We appreciate your continued understanding of and your joining in our activities to promote transdisciplinary sciences and technologies.


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